I am an osteoporosis patient. I discovered when I broke my wrest falling from a single stair step height. That was at the age of 30. My life has changed completely since then.

Before that point I used to build muscles naturally, only involving exercise and nutrition. No drugs of any kind were allowed to pass through my mouth, until one day I had a lung infection that developed into asthma and I had to be treated with steroids, corticosteroids, and all sorts of chemicals that my body wasn’t used to.

Imagine going from a drug free life (even of aspirin and Tylenol) into being treated with all these chemicals. Moreover, after developing asthma my life style had to dramatically change. I wasn’t allowed to do anything that makes me breath faster than normal and I had to keep it that way until a year later I had my first fracture.

And that was the beginning. In the same year I had 5 fractures, one of them was when I blew up a rip while coughing. That was before I turn 31. I went from an athlete to what I used to consider “nothing” just a year before.

Because I don’t want to see that happening to anyone I am spreading the awareness with osteoporosis locally to my friends and family. And to extend my efforts further I put together this website.

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Please spread the word to every one you know. Preventing osteoporosis can be done, and is way better than treating it.