Update on Osteoporosis and Exercises

I was talking to my dentist, who’s also my sister in law, about my condition and how it was affecting my teeth. In another post I’ll write about what she told me about how osteoporosis affects the dental health, but for now I’ll only mention what she told me about osteoporosis exercises.

Anabolism (building metabolism) increases in general with exercises. This increase in anabolism extends to the osteoclasts (the bone cells that carry out the bone-building process). When these cells are activated they build more bone mass than before. This “bone-building” process slows down the decline in bone mass.

She called a physiotherapist specialized in osteoporosis and she confirmed these information. But that’s not all.

Get this: The physiotherapist added that she witnessed cases of osteoporosis that had been REVERSED. The common thing among those cases was that the patients were exercising.

Can you imagine how nice that felt? After I talked to a bone specialist in the emergency room after having a fracture in my foot and he told me that had never seen an osteoporosis case reversed before, I am kind of got the hope again that I might be able to live a normal life shortly (in a few years that is) if I exercise regularly!

As promised I’ll post here all what I know about the kinds of exercises that help rebuild the bones. I am not a specialist, but I’ll share with you what works for me. May be you can discuss what you see here with your doctor and get to put a routine that fits you more.

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