1. Nancy Jones

    My 86 yr old father has had 3 hip replacements. These replacements do not hold due to weakness of the hip bone. Now he is in great pain and his qualify of life has almost . diminished. His doctor is reluctent to operate again, however, his cardiologist insist he may live for at least another 10 years. Is there a way to secure the hip in order to hold the ball in place?

  2. admin

    I am replying to you as a patient not as a doctor, but this is what I learned from my doctor and other patients in my support group.

    I am so sorry to know about your father’s condition. It is unfortunate that once the bones are in this condition there is not much to be done. The only possibility is more chips to support the femur, but if his doctor is reluctant to do it I assume that the femur bone is too fragile to take any more holes and chips. Trust his doctor in that, but you still can get a second opinion.

    Please feel free to update us, and welcome to our community.

  3. Marsha

    I have osteoporosis and am looking at having hip replacement because I am bone on bone. I am working with an excellent doctor preparing for this procedure. I am nervous because of my condition. I do not take any of the osteoporosis drugs because I have received negative information and cautions from dentists. Can you elaborate on any of this for me so that I can make an informed choice? Thank you.

  4. admin

    Hi Marsha
    As I stated above I am not a practicing doctor. I am a patient with a degree in biology.
    Since you trust your doctor and he/she advised you to go with the hip replacement then this is your best choice.
    At this point, when we have brittle, fragile bones, we just try to balance as much as we could, but at the end there’s always that one thing we can not preserve. If my teeth will be the victim and at the same time I’ll be more immune to fractures due to sneezing or coughing as I am right now, I’ll go with the “less fractures” option and hope for the best regarding my teeth. It’s not fun at all to have a broken rib. I would go for 3 days without any coughing or sneezing and doing my best to avoid them, but once it happens I break the same rib again and go through the same pain and the healing process gets extended with every sneeze.
    You are the only one who can make the decision, I just shared my experience, and I am not sure if I would make the same decision once I am there!
    I hope your femur holds the new hip for a long time to come and give you the freedom to move without the bone on bone pain.

  5. Earl Scofield

    my wife had left hip replacement in 2018. Her leg now is shorter than the right leg. Is there a reason for this, and should I have here surgeon re exam the hip to see if there is a complication?

  6. ting3

    I have osteoporosis and my doctor suggest me to do hip replacement. My questions are: 1. Does anyone have osteoporosis must to do hip replacement? 2. Is there any natural way to inverse the situation? Thank you so much for your kind help.

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